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We accept uninsured and Medi-Cal Dental patients.

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Full-Service Dental Care for Your Family

We provide a broad selection of oral care services from annual exams and x-rays to treatment of oral diseases, with a focus towards restoring your mouth’s health.

How we can provide care for your family’s dental needs

Regular visits to the dentist can help prevent serious dental problems and are vital for your overall health. That is why we are committed to making sure that you and your family have access to quality dental care throughout your life.

• The dental care services we provide include

• Oral exams and treatment planning

• X-rays

• Sealants

• Fluoride treatment

• Oral cancer screenings

• Oral health education

• Fillings

• Scaling and root planning

• Extractions

• Partial and full dentures

• Crowns

• Root canals

• Fullerton, Buena Park, Orange, and Valley View High School locations.

Our Mission

Through our faith-based centers, we improve the health and well-being of low-income persons in the communities we serve

Our Providers

We employ only the most highly trained caregivers to ensure the best care possible for you and your family

Our Offices

Our tight-knit community of family oriented offices can be found from High-Desert to Orange County


Common Questions

There are many questions you may have about dental but we're here to help answer those for you!
1. How often should I get a dental checkup?

Dental health varies from person to person; a general rule for adult patients is to visit a dentist once or twice a year, even if your mouth is in excellent condition. This way, you can get your teeth professionally cleaned regularly and maintain excellent oral health.

Even if you don’t have any tooth pain or other dental health symptoms, you may still have dental health problems that only a dentist can diagnose. Visiting your dentist for a regular professional cleaning and checkup can help prevent problems and save on treatment costs down the road.

A good rule of thumb is to visit the dental office every six months, but your needs may differ depending on your oral health and at-home dental habits. For instance, you may need to come back sooner if a checkup uncovers issues that need attention, such as tooth decay.

2. What should I expect at a dentist appointment?

The dental assistant will first have a conversation with you about any questions or concerns. Usually they set out a tray of dental instruments and evaluate your mouth for oral health. This step includes examining your teeth and gums, probing your gums with a metal tool to check for pockets or gaps that signal potential gum disease, cleaning and, finally, polishing and flossing your teeth.

Throughout the process, you’ll be holding your mouth open for quite a while. If your jaw gets tired or starts to hurt, let the dental assistant know you need a rest break. Any dental X-rays are developed, then the dentist will come in to do a thorough oral exam and discuss any notes from the dental assistant. The exam may include assessing your bite, evaluating your teeth for potential restoration or replacement, and reviewing the X-rays for signs of tooth decay or other issues.

The dentist may also conduct a screening for oral cancer, which would likely include feeling around your jaw and neck, and inspecting your lips, cheeks, tongue, and the roof and floor of your mouth. This is an important step, as the American Cancer Society estimated that more than 54,000 people will get oral cavity or oropharyngeal cancer in the United States this year.

Your dentist will let you know if you should schedule any follow-up dental treatments or procedures and will answer any questions you have about the exam or your oral health. The dentist or dental assistant may also initiate therapies and may discuss a tooth-healthy diet and lifestyle adjustments that could improve your oral health.

If dental X-rays are needed, your dental assistant will handle this task, too. If you’re a new patient to this dental office or haven’t seen a dentist in a year or two, chances are dental X-rays will be recommended. In general, dentists suggest them every one to two years but you may need them more often depending on your oral health — for instance, if you have a history of tooth decay or other high-risk factors, such as gum disease or dry mouth.

Dental X-rays give your dentist a more complete look at your teeth, gums and supporting bone structures and can show decay or abscesses, bone loss or bone changes. They can also provide an early warning of potentially serious dental problems, giving your dentist a chance to catch them while treatment may be easier, more effective and possibly less expensive.

Your overall health is important to us, therefore, dental X-rays give off a low level of radiation, in which you’ll be covered with a protective lead apron while they’re taken.

3. What should I do in the case of a dental emergency?

Many patients will be wondering what they need to do if they chip or break a tooth outside of regular office hours. We will inform you ahead of time of our hours and what to do. Most importantly, we will be there to help with any problem that can give you a difficulty.

4. At what age should my child first see a dentist?

Studies show children can develop their first cavities by two years old, so the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends booking the first visit once their first tooth appears or, at the latest, their first birthday. This helps your dentist catch potential problems that can affect your child’s overall health and well-being as more teeth grow in overtime.

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We accept CalOptima CCN and CHOC Health Alliance, Medi-Cal, Medi-Cal Dental, MSN, and provide a sliding fee schedule for uninsured patients.


We accept uninsured and Medi-Cal Dental patients.

Fullerton, Buena Park and Orange locations.

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We offer free pregnancy tests and  pre-natal care at the Fullerton, La Amistad and Ponderosa sites. We provide delivery at the St. Jude Medical Center and Ponderosa site.

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