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Richard Corwin, Psy.D

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Corvin has conducted research in the area of successful psychotherapy and is, therefore, most interested in fostering a therapeutic environment where patients can feel safe to be their authentic selves.

He believes it is the process of self-exploration that heals and allows patients to break free from worries and destructive patterns that leave clients feeling hopeless and trapped. Dr. Corvin utilizes a relational-dynamic approach which focuses on integrating past experiences with the here-and-now moments that patterns that leave clients feeling occur in the office.

Dr. Corvin offers clinical supervision to other professionals as well as therapeutic services to psychology students/professionals who are looking to explore their clinical supervision own biases to be most effective with their patients.

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The help and company of good friends, the rediscovery of old pleasures, the support of my family, being useful to others, feeling part of the community – of old pleasures, these are all essential factors in my recovery.
Ida Rauscher— Agoraphobia

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Licensed Psychologist